ekstr@mega Q10

  • Norwegian strongest Q10 with 50 mg lecithin 
  • Can contribute to increased energy and strength 
  • Can help to help with migraines 
  • Good for the heart and cholesterol 
  • Can contribute to a positive effect on the aging process

ekstr@mega Q10 is a dietary supplement that has several positive effects on health. Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that is important for energy conversion. The body needs Q10 like the food we eat can be converted into energy and for the body's functions to function optimally. Q10 also acts as an antioxidant in the blood and thus can help you stay healthy. Q10 is found naturally in all body's cells, but the Q10 level is already starting to decline from the age of 30 and at age 40 you only have 1/3 of Q10 left in the body.Strength, hard workout and some disease states can also contribute to lowered Q10 levels. In order to avoid fatigue and lack of energy, it can help to supply extra body of Active Q10.


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